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We will use the database, whose schema and data import commands are given here:

You can import this database by copy pasting the comands on that page.

Note: When using the CLI, please modify any multi-line query in the documenation to be in a single line.


SKIP controls the number of tuples to skip from the start of the queryResult. It is often used within in an ORDER BY clause to skip the top k tuples from the query result. Note: SKIP accepts any expression that can be evaluated to an integer.

For example, the following query skips the youngest 2 users and returns the rest of the users’ ages. Query:

MATCH (u:User)
ORDER BY u.age


| Karissa |
| Zhang   |

If you omit the ORDER BY, you would skip some k tuples in a SKIP k query but you have no guarantee about which ones will be skipped.