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Numeric operators

Operator Description Example Result
+ addition 2 + 3.5 5.5 (DOUBLE)
- subtraction 4.5 - 2 2.5 (DOUBLE)
* multiplication 3.2 * 2 6.4 (DOUBLE)
/ division 9 / 5 1 (INT64)
% module(remainder) 9 % 5 4 (INT64)
^ power 4 ^ 5 1024 (DOUBLE)

Unsupported numeric operators: **, &, |, <<, >>, !

Numeric functions

Function Description Example Result
abs(x) returns the absolute value of x abs(-25.2) 25.2 (DOUBLE)
acos(x) returns the arccosine of x acos(0.43) 1.126304 (DOUBLE)
asin(x) returns the arcsine of x asin(0.4) 0.411517 (DOUBLE)
atan(x) returns the arctangent of x atan(0.221) 0.217504 (DOUBLE)
atan2(x, y) returns the arctangent of x, y atan2(0.4, 0.2) 0.342411 (DOUBLE)
bitwise_xor(x, y) returns the bitwise xor of x and y bitwise_xor(2, 3) 1 (INT64)
ceil(x) rounds up x to the next nearest integer ceil(4.2) 5 (DOUBLE)
ceiling(x) alias of ceil ceiling(3.27) 4 (DOUBLE)
cos(x) returns the cosine value of x cos(2.79) -0.938825 (DOUBLE)
cot(x) returns the cotangent of x cot(0.78) 1.010855 (DOUBLE)
degrees(x) converts radians to degree degrees(1.2534) 71.814530 (DOUBLE)
even(x) rounds to next even number by rounding away from 0 even(3.4) 4 (INT64)
factorial(x) returns the factorial of x factorial(4) 24 (INT64)
floor(x) rounds down x to the nearest integer floor(3.3) True (BOOL)
gamma(x) interpolation of (x-1) factorial gamma(2.4) 1.242169 (DOUBLE)
lgamma(x) returns the log of gamma(x) lgamma(1.4) -0.119613 (DOUBLE)
ln(x) returns the natural logarithm of x ln(2.11) 0.746688 (DOUBLE)
log(x) returns the 10-log of x log(2.11) 0.324282 (DOUBLE)
log2(x) returns the 2-log of x log2(3) 1.584963 (DOUBLE)
log10(x) alias of log(x) log10(100) 2 (INT64)
negate(x) returns the opposite number of x negate(100) -100 (INT64)
pi() returns the value of pi pi() 3.141593
pow(x, y) returns the value of x to the power of y pow(4, 5) 1024 (INT64)
radians(x) converts the degree to radians radians(89) 1.553343 (DOUBLE)
round(x, s) rounds x to s decimal places round(42.651, 1) 42.700000 (DOUBLE)
sin(x) returns the sin of x sin(413.31) -0.981897 (DOUBLE)
sign(x) returns the sign of x sign(-451) -1 (INT64)
sqrt(x) returns the square root of x sqrt(4.25) 2.061553 (DOUBLE)
tan(x) returns the tangent of x tan(75) -0.420701 (DOUBLE)