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List functions

Function Description Example Result
list_creation(arg1, arg2, arg3..) creates a LIST containing the argument values list_creation(1,2,3,4,5,56,2) [1,2,3,4,5,56,2] (LIST)
len(list) returns the length of the list len([1,2,3]) 3 (INT64)
list_extract(list, index) extracts the indexth (1-based) value from the list list_extract([1,2,3], 2) 2 (INT64)
list_element(list, index) alias of list_extract list_element([7,234,3], 1) 7 (INT64)
list_concat(list1, list2) concatenates two lists list_concat([7,234,3], [1,3]) [7,234,3,1,3] (LIST)
list_cat(list1, list2) alias of list_concat list_cat([‘7’,’3’], [‘1’]) [‘7’,’3’,’1’] (LIST)
array_concat(list1, list2) alias of list_concat array_concat([[‘7’,’2’],[‘3’]], [[‘1’]]) [[‘7’,’2’],[‘3’],[‘1’]] (LIST)
array_cat(list1, list2) alias of list_concat array_cat([4.23,5.25], [4.1]) [4.23,5.25,4.1] (LIST)
list_append(list, element) appends the element to list list_append([3,5,9],4) [3,5,9,4] (LIST)
array_append(list, element) alias of list_append array_append([2,1],3) [2,1,3] (LIST)
array_push_back(list, element) alias of list_append array_push_back([3,6],4) [3,6,4] (LIST)
list_prepend(list, element) prepends the element to list list_prepend([3,6],4) [4,3,6] (LIST)
array_prepend(list, element) alias of list_prepend array_prepend([3,6],4) [4,3,6] (LIST)
array_push_front(list, element) alias of list_prepend array_push_front([1,2],3) [3,1,2] (LIST)
list_position(list, element) returns the position of element in the list list_position([3,4,5], 5) 3 (INT64)
list_indexof(list, element) alias of list_position list_indexof([3,4,5], 5) 3 (INT64)
array_position(list, element) alias of list_position array_position([3,4,5], 5) 3 (INT64)
array_indexof(list, element) alias of list_position array_indexof([3,4,5], 5) 3 (INT64)
list_contains(list, element) returns true if the list contains the element list_contains([3,4,5], 5) true (BOOL)
list_has(list, element) alias of list_contains list_has([3,4,5], 5) true (BOOL)
array_contains(list, element) alias of list_contains array_contains([3,4,5], 5) true (BOOL)
array_has(list, element) alias of list_contains array_has([3,4,5], 5) true (BOOL)
list_slice(list, begin, end) extracts a sublist using slice conventions and negative values are accepted. list_slice([3,4,5], 2, 3) [4] (LIST)
array_slice(list, begin, end) extracts a sublist using slice conventions and negative values are accepted. array_slice([6,7,1], 1, 3) [6,7] (LIST)