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Interval operators

Operator Description Example Result
+ addition of INTERVAL INTERVAL(‘79 DAYS 32 YEARS’) + INTERVAL(‘20 MILLISECONDS 30 HOURS 20 DAYS’) 32 years 99 days 30:00:00.02 (INTERVAL)
+ addition of DATE INTERVAL(‘300 DAYS 2 YEARS 30 MINUTES’) + DATE(‘2025-10-01’) 2028-07-27 (DATE)
+ addition of TIMESTAMP INTERVAL(‘342 DAYS 1 YEARS 32 MINUTES 20 SECONDS’) + TIMESTAMP(‘2013-02-21’) 2015-01-29 00:32:20 (TIMESTAMP)
- subtraction of INTERVAL INTERVAL(‘5 DAYS 2 MONTHS’) - INTERVAL(‘1 DAYS’) 1 year 8 months 4 days (INTERVAL)
- subtraction of DATE DATE(‘2025-03-06’) - INTERVAL(‘1 DAYS’) 2025-03-05 (DATE)
- subtraction of TIMESTAMP TIMESTAMP(‘1984-01-01’) - INTERVAL(‘30 HOURS 20 SECONDS’) 1983-12-30 17:59:40 (TIMESTAMP)

Interval functions

Function Description Example Result
date_part(part, interval) returns the subfield of the date date_part(‘year’, INTERVAL(‘20 YEARS 367 DAYS’)) 20 (INT64)
to_years(integer) returns the year interval based on the year to_years(3) 3 years (INTERVAL)
to_months(integer) returns the month interval based on the month to_months(5) 5 months (INTERVAL)
to_days(integer) returns the day interval based on the days to_days(2) 2 days (INTERVAL)
to_hours(integer) returns the hour interval based on the hours to_hours(10) 10:00:00 (INTERVAL)
to_minutes(integer) returns the minutes interval based on the minutes to_minutes(30) 00:30:00 (INTERVAL)
to_seconds(integer) returns the seconds interval based on the seconds to_seconds(22) 00:00:22 (INTERVAL)
to_milliseconds(integer) returns the milliseconds interval based on the milliseconds to_milliseconds(27) 00:00:00.027 (INTERVAL)
to_microseconds(integer) returns the microseconds interval based on the microseconds to_microseconds(98) 00:00:00.000098 (INTERVAL)