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When you issue a query to the database through the con->execute(query) API, you are expected to get a queryResult which contains all result tuples for the given query. We provide variety of APIs for user to fetch the queryResult as their desired format.

Available APIs:

__init__(self, /, *args, **kwargs)

Construct a QueryResult.

hasNext(self: kuzu._kuzu.result) -> bool

Return whether there are tuples to fetch from the QueryResult.

Note: Often used together with getNext(). Users are expected to always call hasNext() before calling getNext().

getNext(self: kuzu._kuzu.result) -> list

Fetch the next tuple from the QueryResult.

writeToCSV(self: kuzu._kuzu.result, arg0: str) -> None

Export the query result to the csv file.

  • arg0 is the output path of the csv file.

    close(self: kuzu._kuzu.result) -> None

    Destroy the QueryResult object in Python.

Note: Python doesn’t guarantee objects to be deleted in the reverse order of declaration. Therefore, users are expected to call close() to ensure that the QueryResult is destroyed before database.

getAsDF(self: kuzu._kuzu.result) -> object

Return the query result in the Panda DataFrame format.

Note: Since this API returns a panda dataframe object, the user should install numpy and panda.

getColumnDataTypes(self: kuzu._kuzu.result) -> list

Return the column data types of the result set.

getColumnNames(self: kuzu._kuzu.result) -> list

Return the column names of the result set.