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The database class is used to create and manage the Kùzu database instance.

Available APIs:

__init__(self: kuzu._kuzu.database, database_path: str, buffer_pool_size: int = 0) -> None

Return a Kùzu database instance.

  • database_path: required parameter the path to database file.
  • buffer_pool_size: optional parameter. the size of buffer pool in bytes. it defaults to 1 GB if not set. Example:
    db = kuzu.database('./test')

resize_buffer_manager(self: kuzu._kuzu.database, new_size: int) -> None

Resize buffer manager to a newSize.

  • new_size: new buffer pool size (in bytes).

set_logging_level(self: kuzu._kuzu.database, logging_level: kuzu._kuzu.loggingLevel) -> None

Set the logging level of the database to logging_level.

  • logging_level: new logging level. (Supported logging levels are: debug, info, err).