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QueryResult, FlatTuple, ResultValue, and QuerySummary

QueryResult captures all information related to the execution of a query. Each returned tuple is wrapped into a FlatTuple where each entry is wrapped as a ResultValue. You can also obtain a QuerySummary from a QueryResult, to learn profiling information, such as execution time, about the query you executed.


unique_ptr<QueryResult> result = connection.query("MATCH (a:person) RETURN COUNT(*);");
if (!result->isSuccess()) {
    std::cout << result->getErrorMessage() << endl;
while (result->hasNext()) {
    auto row = result->getNext();
    std::cout << row->getResultValue(0)->getInt64Val() << std::endl;

Available APIs


bool QueryResult.isSuccess()

  • return: whether query execution succeeded or not.

std::string QueryResult.getErrorMessage()

  • return: error message.

bool QueryResult.hasNext()

  • return: whether there is one more tuple or not.

std::shared_ptr<processor::FlatTuple> QueryResult.getNext()

  • return: next tuple.

void QueryResult.writeToCSV(std::string fileName)

  • fileName: output csv file.

QuerySummary* QueryResult.getQuerySummary()

  • return: query summary containing statistics related to query execution.

uint64_t QueryResult.getNumTuples()

  • return: number of tuples.

vector<std::string> QueryResult.getColumnNames()

  • return: a vector of column names.


ResultValue* FlatTuple.getResultValue(uint32_t idx)

  • return: an entry of the tuple.


bool ResultValue.getBooleanVal()

  • return: boolean value.

int64_t ResultValue.getInt64Val()

  • return: int64 value.

double ResultValue.getDoubleVal()

  • return: double value.

date_t ResultValue.getDateVal()

  • return: date value.

timestamp_t ResultValue.getTimestampVal()

  • return: timestamp value.

interval_t ResultValue.getIntervalVal()

  • return: interval value.

std::string ResultValue.getStringVal()

  • return: string value.

vector<ResultValue> ResultValue.getListVal()

  • return: vector of ResultValue.

bool ResultValue.isNullVal()

  • return: whether ResultValue is null or not.


double QuerySummary.getCompilingTime()

  • return: compiling time of the query.

double QuerySummary.getExecutionTime()

  • return: execution time of the query.

std::ostringstream& QuerySummary.getPlanAsOstream()

  • return: plan in std string stream format.