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You can use Kùzu’s C++ API to interact with the database in C++. Please see the getting started instructions for details on how to install the C++ API and set up your environment. This part of the documentation gives details about the different classes in the C++ API and their functions. Here is a short example on a small program that demonstrates how to construct at Database instance and issue a query.

Currently Kùzu supports manually beginning a transaction, issuing multiple commands within a transaction and then committing or rolling back, only through its C++ API. Please see the details on transactions here.

DatabaseConfig databaseConfig("testdb");
SystemConfig systemConfig(1ull << 31 /* set buffer manager size to 2GB */);
Database database(databaseConfig, systemConfig);

// connect to the database
auto connection = Connection(&database);

// create the schema
connection.query("CREATE NODE TABLE User(name STRING, age INT64, PRIMARY KEY (name))");
// load data
connection.query("COPY User FROM \"user.csv\"");
// issue a query
auto result = connection.query("MATCH (a:User) RETURN");
// iterate result
while (result->hasNext()) {
  auto row = result->getNext();
  std::cout << row->getResultValue(0)->getStringVal() << std::endl;

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