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To use Kùzu, you need to first create a Database instance. The Database class requires:

  1. databasePath, which sets the path to the directory of your database;
  2. a SystemConfig object, which sets the size of the buffer pool, and max num of threads.

To construct a Database instance, databasePath is mandatory. Currently, we do not support the in-memory mode, thus, each database must point to a directory in the file system.

By default, SystemConfig sets the max size of the buffer pool to 80% of the system physical memory and max num threads to std::thread::hardware_concurrency();. You can set a customized max buffer pool size (e.g., several GBs) through the constructor of SystemConfig. For example:

SystemConfig systemConfig(1ull << 31 /* set max buffer pool size to 2GB */);
Database database("testdb", systemConfig);

By setting a buffer pool size to x, Kùzu’ buffer pool is limited to use at most x amount of memory. Instead of grabbing all of the memory at the initial startup, Kùzu grabs memory on demand, until hit the size.

Also: Do not construct multiple Database instances either within the same process or using multiple separate processes unless you will only issue read-only queries through the connections you create from these these Database instances. See this note for more details.

Available APIs

class kuzu::main::Database

Database class is the main class of KùzuDB. It manages all database components.


Database (std::string databasePath)

Creates a database object at the given path with the default buffer pool size and max num threads.


  • databasePath Database path.


Database (std::string databasePath, SystemConfig systemConfig)

Creates a database object at the given path with customized buffer pool size and max num threads.


  • databasePath Database path.
  • systemConfig System configurations (buffer pool size and max num threads).


void setLoggingLevel (std::string loggingLevel)

Sets the logging level of the database instance.


  • loggingLevel New logging level. (Supported logging levels are: ‘info’, ‘debug’, ‘err’).

class kuzu::main::SystemConfig

Stores buffer pool size and max number of threads configurations.

SystemConfig (uint64_t bufferPoolSize)

Creates a SystemConfig object.


  • bufferPoolSize Buffer pool size in bytes.