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Kùzu CLI

Please see the getting started page for instructions on how to install Kùzu’s command line interface and how to make it point to a database folder. Once in the CLI, you can issue Cypher queries on your database as well as use CLI commands to explore your database and configure the Kùzu instance CLI is running (e.g., set its buffer manager size). If you type :help, you can see the list of CLI commands.

kuzu> :help
    :help     get command list
    :clear     clear shell
    :quit     exit from shell
    :thread [num_threads]     set number of threads for query execution
    :logging_level [logging_level]     set logging level of database, available options: debug, info, err
    :timeout [query_timeout]     set query timeout in ms
    :list_nodes     list all node tables
    :list_rels     list all rel tables
    :show_node     [table_name] show node schema
    :show_rel     [table_name] show rel schema

The getting started page provides examples of running Cypher commands through the CLI.


To interrupt a running query, use ctrl + C in CLI. Note: currently we don’t support interrupting COPY statement.

Non-interactive usage

To read and process a file in non-interactive mode, pipe the file content to CLI.

./kuzu_shell testdb < tinysnb/schema.cypher
| outputMsg                           |
| NodeTable: person has been created. |