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Getting Started

Welcome to Kùzu!

Let's get started! The following sections are intended to provide a straightforward introduction to Kùzu, including hands-on experience with installation, usage via our Command Line Interface (CLI), and our supported APIs. Additionally, it covers essential parts of our Cypher query language. For complete Cypher statements we support, please visit our Cypher documentation section. To simplify your journey, we've prepared several Google Colab notebook examples, allowing you to explore Kùzu without the troubles of local installation.

Upon completion of this tutorial, you may wish to move on to our Data Import section to understand options available to start a database with data importation, or Cypher to gain a more formal knowledge of the query language. For those who are interested in our CLI and supported APIs, the Client APIs section provide detailed information.

Welcome aboard, and enjoy your exploration of Kùzu!