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· One min read

We're here to introduce Kùzu 0.0.8, which is a minor bug-fix release together with some performance optimizations:

  • Fixed a major bug in COPY on large datasets. PR 1963
  • Implemented the TopK optimization, significantly enhancing the performance of queries that involve ORDER BY and LIMIT clauses. We will delve deeper into this optimization in a blog post. PR 1949
  • WITH clause (CTE) rewriter. We avoid the evaluation of node and rel in CTE projection if it's not needed for further processing. PR 1956
  • Updated our Rust doc with converting query result to arrow arrays.
  • Fixed the size allocated for boolean values to match the size of the bit-packed data. PR 1953

For more detailed information about the changes in this release, please see here.

· 7 min read

IAMGraphViz Overview

Common Fate is a framework for managing complex cloud permissions. They provide tools to simplify access at scale to AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud accounts. You can learn about what you can do with Common Fate on their website. Here, we will talk about a recent proof of concept graph visualization tool called IAMGraphViz that Chang Liu (who is coauthoring this post) and I developed using Kùzu! IAMGraphViz is intended for infrastructure engineers to dig deep into the permission assignments in AWS IAM Identity Center using graph visualization. Using IAMGraphViz, one can easily visualize who has what type of access to different accounts on AWS as well as how they have access to these accounts. This is all done by analyzing the paths from users to accounts in a graph visualization, where the nodes and edges model users, accounts, groups, group memberships, permission sets and other entities in the AWS IAM Identity Center system.

· One min read

We are thrilled to announce the release of Kùzu 0.0.6, which focuses on addressing bugs reported by our users. We addressed the following issues in this bug-fix release:

  1. Resolved a segmentation fault occurring while loading overflow data types with parallelism.
  2. Fixed an issue of reading out of bound for LIST vector null buffer.
  3. Implemented several missing data types in C, JAVA, Rust, and Python API bindings.

For more detailed information about the changes in this release, please visit this link.

We extend our sincere gratitude to all our users who reported these bugs, as well as to everyone who supported us throughout this process. Your feedback is instrumental in making Kùzu better!